Wafer Paper Artsy Cookies

The largest project to date, and the project that had pretty well confirmed the need for a food-safe printer was ‘The Prom’ project. A massive amount of cookies for a massive amount of graduates. Given about 2 1/2 months of lead time for planning and collection of the needed materials, I set to work designing and calculating how much stuff I would have to buy to make it all come together. IMG_1608One of the important components was the wafer paper, inks and design, which I outsourced to my husband. Although we had purchased the printer and already and tested it on a smaller project (a Spaghetti Western themed birthday gig), this would be a significantly larger and more critical job for it; the real deal so to speak. This was the first project where we used the newly created ‘manufacturing schedule’ where we used what we learned about drying time and humidity. Earlier attempts yielded some problems with blistering and adhesion of the rice paper to the royal icing. Those problems were solved with some R&D and the end result was a successful delivery of beautiful cookies.