Inaugural Post & my entry into the world of blogging

Hi, my name is Mary Dawn. I enjoy baking, and have been baking for friends and family for a while now.  If you bake, you know this can be a very time and resource intensive endeavour, but the reward is seeing happy faces, sometimes ooh’s and aah’s, and the spontaneous start of conversations about cookies and more.

I would say I have been baking actively for about 8 years, starting out with recipes I searched out on the internet.  In those days I was mostly making fairly simple cookies for the high holidays – Christmas for example.  Then as time went on I started baking cookies for birthdays and other gatherings also. For a while there I was also baking banana bread loaves (a very simple recipe), which were devoured by everyone who got them.

There were lots of requests for recipes also, so my husband put up a website for me where I published my favourites.  This way, when someone asked for a recipe, all I had to do was point them to and they would have everything they were looking for. Over time, this site has been getting a smattering of hits, so I’m hoping those people, wherever they are, are also enjoying those recipes.

Over time, the complexity and variety of the things I brought to family get-togethers grew, and I got the attention of extended family and friends with whom my baked goods were also popular. The more popular type of cookie that got a lot of attention is the printed wafer cookies I started making about a year ago. Those are now the ‘stars’ of the platters I am making and have shown up at proms, retirements and weddings.  When I started these, I was purchasing the actual wafer images, but as my husband pointed out, we were better off investing in equipment and printing our own, considering the volume of cookies I was making.  We now have food grade printing equipment and supplies, and are considering offering a service to print these for others who are interested in making these cookies.

So now you’re caught up to today, and reading my blog.  As I’ve enjoyed sharing my baked goods over the years, I now have the means to share my experiences with you, the reader. I hope you enjoy my blog, and can take away recipes and pointers from it – and possibly relate and share your experiences also.

Bake on!

Mary Dawn